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A wedding in Liguria, a terrace overlooking the sea

““Liguria is a graceful land,” as the poet Vincenzo Cardarelli wrote in one of his most famous pieces.

V. + M. and their wedding in Liguria

“Liguria is a graceful land”, but it is also a rugged land of sheer cliffs rising from the sea with villages perched atop them, of the harbours and coves that Fabrizio De Andrè sang about, a corner of Italy made up of a kaleidoscope of colours from the Mediterranean maquis and the crystal clear water, and the flavours and scents of olive and basil.
I find Liguria and its contrasts extremely romantic, perfect for weddings in pure Italian style which require a special setting to do justice to a truly beautiful love story like that of V. and M.

Pledging eternal love to each other beside the sea in a triumph of blue and of silvery rocks caressed by the sun

She, a native of Turin with a strong, determined character, was a rock-punk bride with touches of incomparable sweetness. Being with her as she organised her big day and studying her style was inspiring: together we planned every detail of the day, even exploring Milan’s The Love Affair wedding fair devoted to unconventional glam weddings. Anyone who knows me realises how important it is for me to turn an event into a complete sensory experience; for V. I chose violet, her favourite essence, sprinkled in the bridal wedding bag made of fabric which I gave her for good luck and which also contained the useful emergency kit.


wedding liguria- destination venue


The groom, M., was originally from Liguria, in love and ready to make his wish for V. come true: pledging eternal love to each other beside the sea in a triumph of blue and of silvery rocks caressed by the sun.

A wedding in Liguria,
Fil Rouge: the sea

The chosen venue was a private house in the architectural style of the 70s perched on the Riviera di Levante, the Domus Mare, a stone’s throw away from Portofino, contemporary and chic, an unusual backdrop for a truly unconventional wedding. The civil ceremony took place under an archway of flowers and veils that we set up on the terrace of the sea view villa, the Chiavari chairs were laid out in a semi-circle and on each one we placed an elegant wedding bag and a beach towel for every guest as a souvenir of the wonderful day.


wedding liguria - fil rouge: the sea


In this amazing atmosphere, the ceremony, already emotional enough in itself, created a moment with a profound emotional impact made unforgettable by the music and the way the rite was personalised, with readings by friends and a
special celebrant.

A bouquet of King Protea, a rock-punk tulle dress

And what about the bride’s wedding dress?? Obviously, this just had to be unconventional too! It was a two-piece dress designed by the Turinese stylist Maura Brandino , made up of an embroidered bodice and a tulle skirt, pink like the King Protea which was the central element in the bouquet tied with bio-organic ribbons by  Fati Amor together with the much-loved blue elements reminiscent of the sea, the true “fil rouge” of the ceremony. Indeed, the theme of the sea was also alluded to in the wedding invitations, which depicted stormy waves.

To complete the outfit, V. opted for feisty glitter Polly Plume ankle boots with a tactical change into a pair of Le Dangerouge perfect footwear for dancing to the sounds of a famous techno DJ, who entertained the guests at the sea view reception under the warm light of the sunset over the Gulf of Tigullio.

wedding liguria: rocks and sun

Yes, Liguria is truly made for love!”


. Location: 70’s style private house, Gulf of Tigullio
. Palette: blue and pink
. Fil Rouge: the sea
. Bride’s dress and accessories: Maura Brandino Bridal
. Bride’s shoes: Polly Plume (for the ceremony) and Le Dangerouge (for the party)
. Bio-organic ribbons: Fati Amor
. Flowers: Delphinium, King Protea

Sensory and emotional experience:
essence of violet– sea salt – pink tulle – cliffs at sunset – the aroma of warm focaccia


wedding Liguria – reportage

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