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Fil rouge, my philosophy

The fil rouge is the common thread that creates the theme of your wedding, of your special day, of your themed celebration.

It is that underlying concept that derives from your emotions and your experience and guides the preparation and the decoration. It gives a particular individuality and feeling to an event.

Often the fil rouge starts with the venue, or with the invitations, and is the guideline that determines the decoration and the colours and the use of flowers.  This is a crucial approach for deciding on the style and it cascades through all the details of the ambiance and the services you choose.

It is the “square one” from which you start to build the whole project. The fil rouge will be spotted by all the guests, who will be able to recognise in it the couple’s own style. Their way of being and way of representing their love and their union.

The legend of the fil rouge, which binds the destiny of twin souls

The legend of the Red Thread of Fate (hence, fil rouge) is an ancient oriental belief.   According to the legend, twin souls have always been and will forever be bound together by a very fine thread. This thread is indissoluble and unites the destinies of lovers.  No matter how far life may take them from each other, it is an indestructible bond, stronger than any other or anything else.

I found inspiration in the narrative power and deep meaning of this story and made it my own. It is from here, from this story, that my philosophy was born.

The fil rouge creates the direction and defines the path, the theme that binds a project and that generates something unique and special. It is the common thread that connects the life of one person to another. It is this that triggers the spark, making everything coordinate perfectly.

Mia Wedding Planner Torino e zona Langhe | Organizzazione Matrimoni
Mia Wedding Planner in Liguria, Piemonte e Langhe

Without the fil rouge, souls are destined to get lost

And this can also happen without a defined plan that perfectly orchestrates the choices and the theme of a wedding. An approach that consistently and effectively follows the rhythm of the project and the allure of magic.

A unique coherent vision, with a clear aesthetic theme, according to the tastes of the couple.

This is why the fil rouge totally represents me. But it also and above all represents my couples, those who choose to be guided for their special day or a celebration. The red thread is mine, of course, but above all theirs.  The passion that links every detail of that day will be identified by those who have chosen each other for life. Drawing on memories, emotions, your personality and that of the couple.

And this is why I can assure you that it will be the right one. The one that will make all the important choices and decisions easy.

The one that will make that long-awaited occasion truly perfect.

I have made my logo simple and minimal but at the same time in a vivid red colour. I created it on a night illuminated only by a dim light.

Take a look at it and you’ll understand the meaning I wanted to give to it. You will then be able to enter my world.

Mia Wedding Planner Torino e zona Langhe | Organizzazione Matrimoni

“Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul”

Thomas Merton