Party Planner & Designer

Party Planner & Designer

Celebrating special moments can be done, and there are so many different ways to do it! With a party planner at your side you can arrange not only birthday parties and baby showers, but also private dinners at home with special table-settings, bridal showers (the latest way to enjoy a hen party), aperitifs or brunches with themed decorations.

I travel from Turin to the Langhe, Monferrato and Liguria areas to search out the ideal place for your party.

Every event has its own character and is created for a specific purpose: we can cater for many guests or for just a few people in order to celebrate an occasion in a more intimate way. The venue can be your own home, a local restaurant or a well-loved place that you have chosen.

wedding party planner torino
Mia Wedding Party Planner Torino e zona Langhe | Organizzazione Matrimoni

Party Planner and Party Designer: two in one!

Achieving the perfect party is possible, but you need commitment and competence, qualities that a good party planner has to possess. Not only that, but you also have to have fun while creating it, for my part, and experiencing it, for yours!

Indeed, the beauty of a party resides right here: in the satisfaction of the person whose celebration it is and of all their guests. We will design it together, giving a common thread to the décor (I call it the Fil Rouge) and choosing the colours, materials and details for it.

We will focus on the design and the atmosphere, by the use of lighting and the organisation of the rooms.  We will amaze everyone with the choice of menu and the harmonious combinations of food and drink.  And we’ll leave the guests speechless with an incredible selection of music, or, for those who love the excitement of live performance, with a fantastic live band (and why not bring a string quartet into your home, have you ever thought of that?)

Why use a Party Planner?

The answer lies in the definition of the word EVENT [i-‘vent] “a planned occasion or activity.”

With me as your party designer, your event will be special! My advice can also be useful just for planning one aspect of the party, such as creating personalised gadgets, out of the ordinary giveaways, decorating the venue or the house in a romantic style using flowers or presenting dishes and meals in a creative way.

My fee for providing this advice may vary depending on your requests and requirements: you can ask me for a quote here: info@partyplannermia.com and please remember that to do our best work we require one or two months’ notice.

Mia Wedding Party Planner Torino

And there’s more…...

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  • Finding and Selecting the Venue
  • Catering & Banqueting
  • Cake design
  • Floral Designer - choice of the flower colours and arrangements according to the season and the chosen decorative theme
  • Lighting Design - lighting design to create the right atmosphere at the venue
  • Coordinated Stationery Save the Date, Thank You Cards
  • Party Favours – Give away
  • Music Selection - choosing the music that will accompany the most significant moments of the event (DJ, string quartets, band)
  • Photos + Video + Drone - all the professionalism and technology required to record the story of your event
  • Entertainment and Activities
  • Close Up and Illusion Magic
  • and much more…

If you are thinking about your next party, let us advise and inspire you:
we will work together and it will be a guaranteed success!

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