Mia’s World: here I am

Meticulous care in the organization of every aspect of my life is also found in the details that distinguish my events, and is why I chose this job – or rather, why it chose me!

For those who know me, this attention to detail has never been a limit to my creative side.

I have an innate taste for beautiful things and a strong creative desire, which has always been an integral part of my personal life, and now through my work I have found a way to express myself – and from that point is where it all started.

Looking back at my life and my past experiences I realise everything was slowly coming together  to lead me to where I am today. Curiously, I entered enogastronomy (food and beverage industry), becoming a Sommelier and American Bar Tender, which served me well in my work managing restaurants for many years.

My passion for flowers grew to a great extent after completing a course by flower artist Maria Cecilia Serafino. An explosion of colors, scents and movement. Flowers are an element that are never left out of any of my events – even if it is just something small. For me if a table is without flowers the table is not alive! Flowers are vital.

And then there is my continual training. Throughout the year I participate in courses that enrich me professionally and add to my bag of experience. Updating yourself with true professionals is crucial in enriching opportunities, learning about new styles, new dress techniques and trends, and in turn I am therefore constantly refreshing and adding to the quality of service I offer my clients.