fall wedding : matrimonio in autunno nelle langhe

Fall Wedding in Langhe: Truffles, Foliage and Wine

The wine-growing areas of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato in Piedmont consist of five distinct areas of vineyards and a castle: the Langa of Barolo, the hills of Barbaresco, Nizza Monferrato and Barbera, Canelli and Asti Spumante, the Monferrato of the Infernot, the Castle of Grinzane Cavour.
The site encompasses hills covered with vineyards as far as the eye can see, villages, farmhouses and centuries-old cellars, towers and castles dating back to medieval times, which punctuate the landscape, and is notable for the harmony and balance between the beauty of the surrounding countryside and the architectural and historic diversity of the built elements associated with wine production activities.


This is the description that can be found on the official Italian site of UNESCO, which in 2014 added the wine-growing areas of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato to its list of World Heritage Sites because of their unique nature and their incontrovertible value, both historically and as landscapes.
The Langhe Hills have a special significance for me, both on a personal level and for my work.
I have organised very many weddings here, especially in the autumn, when the beauty of the landscape, the autumnal colours of the vineyards and the versatility of the decorations inspired by the local wine-growing traditions always combine to create a huge impact.

Wood, cork, clusters of grapes, foliage in warm hues of yellow, red and orange, lights glinting on the bottles and glasses, and velvet fabrics in woodland shades …
One could add countless enchanting materials and suggestions to these.

And scents too.

A fall wedding in the Langhe Hills: truffles, an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

When you think of the Langhe Hills, what is the first scent that comes to mind?
Perhaps it’s the intoxicating smell of must in the wine cellars during the harvest? Or that of the delicious
agnolotti del plin al sugo di arrosto (a traditonal Piedmontese pasta dish in a sauce made from roast meat
juices) in the restaurant kitchens? Or that of the soil and the sand in the vineyards? Personally, when I close my eyes, I smell the unmistakable, enveloping smell of truffles, an emblem of the cuisine of Langa, the king of gourmet food and of the fairs – like the International Fair of the White Truffle of Alba – that have attracted crowds of enthusiasts from all over the world to this corner of Piedmont over the years.

Tartufo bianco alba matrimonio _ fall wedding langhe

Experiencing the Langhe Hills in autumn is like diving into a kaleidoscope of unforgettable, authentically Italian food and wine experiences, in which the truffle plays the key role.
So why not combine the sensory experience of the truffle with the theme of your fall wedding in the
Langhe Hills?
You will surely amaze your guests with an original, refined, engaging and flavourful event. A moment to experience together, in the setting of a breath-taking landscape.

“Food connoisseurs through the ages have never uttered the name of the truffle without raising their hand to their hat.”

A. Dumas
I had an enjoyable chat with somone who knows the Langhe extremely well, Francesca Mo, who, speaking as a true local, gave me new suggestions for designing the perfect fall wedding among the Langhe

A fall wedding in the Langhe hills: some practical tips

Francesca lives in Treiso, a village set among the nearby vineyards of Alba, and is responsible for the communications of several wine cellars in the Langhe and Roero area. Alongside her main occupation, she leads the “La Luna di Dori” project, to do with truffle-hunting, together with her partner, Filippo Rigo, and their beautiful four-legged friends.

tartufo langhe - piemonte fall wedding truffle hunting

Filippo and Francesca are both qualified hunters and offer various tourist packages for truffle-hunting in the woods around Barbaresco. I asked Francesca for some tips on how to plan the perfect fall wedding in the
Langhe Hills. This is what she told me:

“Choosing to hold your wedding in the Langhe in the autumn is the ideal option for combining romance and flavour, immersing yourselves in the warm, comforting colours of nature.”

Which period of autumn is best for fall weddings in Langa?
“I would say towards the middle of October, at the height of the season for the white Alba truffle, the famous Tuber magnatum. It’s the best time to hold a wedding in a wine-cellar with the barrels as a backdrop, or in a wine-tasting room with a view, to host a very intimate micro wedding.”
The warm scent of the wood and the intense smell of the must will make everything even more magical, I would add!
And why not think about a symbolic ceremony in one of the many woods we have around here, perhaps with a small, atmospheric outdoor reception?


location fall wedding langhe autunno matrimonio

This suggestion would be particularly suitable for the end of September, when the weather is still somewhat summery and when the vineyards and cellars are busy with the grape harvest.
As for the venue?
“To get the most romantic photos, I would recommend the Belvedere di La Morra, which is breath-taking, the very colourful Cappella delle Brunate (also known as the Cappella del Barolo) by the world famous artists Sol
Lewitt and David Tremlett, also in La Morra, and also the Capella del Moscato in Coazzolo which was restored and decorated by Tremlett, the Torre di Barbaresco and the Castello di Grinzane Cavour, both of which are venues for civil marriages, and, finally, the fairytale Bosco dei Pensieri (“Wood of Thoughts”) within the Fontanafredda estate at Serralunga d’Alba.”

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A fall wedding menu based on truffles and wines

To conclude, I asked Francesca to suggest a complete fall wedding menu based on typical dishes from the Langhe, with truffles in the forefront, and including the best wines to accompany it.
This is what she suggested:


A typical Piedmontese menu based on black truffles and white Alba truffles

Pumpkin flan with fondue and white Alba truffle
Knife-cut tartare with a sprinkling of white Alba truffles
Black truffle and saffron risotto
Agnolotti del plin with alpine butter and grated white Alba truffle
Piedmontese Fassona beef fillet with porcini mushrooms
Onion stuffed with Toma di Murazzano cheese
and oven-baked Bra sausage
Panna cotta mousse with hazelnut crunch and truffle flakes
Three chocolates mousse with a Barolo Chinato wine sauce
Pumpkin and white truffle ice cream

Highly recommended wines
to accompany the menu


Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Rosè Spumante brut di Antica Cascina dei conti di Roero
Alta Langa metodo classico extra brut DOCG di Cascina Fonda
Suasì Langhe DOC Rosato di Deltetto

Roero Arneis DOCG di Pace
Langhe Favorita DOC di Tibaldi

First Course (vegetarian or seafood)
Riesling di Cascina Rabaglio
Langhe DOC Chardonnay “Memundis” di Marrone

First Course (land-based)
Barbera d’Alba DOC superiore “Bricco Capre” di Mario Rivetti

Second Course
Barbaresco DOCG Gaia Principe di Cascina Rabaglio
Langhe Rosso DOC Le sorelle di Virna Borgogno

Federica De Benedectis, whose blog Dire Fare Mole helps us to discover and rediscover the treasures of our magical land every day, also contributed to this article.

The soft sound of a cork being pulled from the bottle is that of a man opening his heart”

W. S. Benwell

Does the idea of a fall wedding among the beautiful hills of the Langhe appeal to you?

I am at your disposal, ready to conduct the orchestra of your concert of flavours and sensations.