Destination Wedding in Piedmont Vineyards,Langhe

Wedding in Piedmont vineyards: a destination wedding in the Langhe wine region

What happens if a Lebanese groom and a Ukrainian bride living in Switzerland organise their reception among the hills of Piedmont, more precisely in the Langhe wine region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014?

A destination wedding in Piedmont vineyards

Welcome dinner in the wine cellar

It all began with an authentic Italian experience: a tasting of the very best wines along with typical Italian nibbles in the very kingdom of the vineyards: the Langhe Hills.

On the eve of the wedding the couple, the Lebanese groom, Bilal, and his Ukrainian bride, Alexandra, welcomed their guests at La Torricella, a farm holiday venue with a wine spa, offering wine tasting in the cellar: a way to thank them for having come such a long way and to enjoy the wine and the nibbles on the terrace, giving them a chance to experience a slice of authentic Italian experience as part of a luxurious destination wedding.

destination wedding in piedmont vineyards

destination wedding in piedmont vineyards: good wine from Langhe

A two-day destination wedding among the vineyard-covered hills of Piedmont

On the day of the wedding two people from cultures with very different traditions came together in the splendid Piedmont vineyards and offered their families and friends a unique, exclusive moment in a luxurious, evocative venue set in the Piedmontese hills of the Langhe area: Il Boscareto Resort & Spa.

Excellent food and drink is a must in this place: a  Michelin 1* starred restaurant, together with noble, elegant wines from the Batasiolo cellar, including the highest quality, prestigious cru di Barolo.

A Spa for the guests’ exclusive use

The guests, who were granted exclusive use of the whole venue and the spa in the heart of the Langhe Hills, were able to attend the event in the swimming pool, making the most of the sunshine, relaxing and tasting  good wines, and could then take advantage of personalised services, such as the private hairdresser and make-up artist brought together on the spot to meet all the beauty requirements of the fairer sex.

The wedding reception began at sunset: it was a proper wedding party – the civil ceremonies had already been conducted in Switzerland, where the couple are resident  – with the triumphal entry of the newly-weds, a moment known as the Zaffe in Arabic, accompanied by Middle Eastern music, including popular Lebanese wedding songs like “Mabrouk”, and then they took up their places on the terrace with its view of the Langhe hills to enjoy the gourmet Italian nibbles.

Lebanon, Ukraine and the Italian “Dolce Vita”

Destination wedding in piedmont vienyards: live music on the hills

Melting pot party

The live music, perfectly befitting the cultural melting pot  which had been created, continued with the band, which had studied the two cultures and extended their repertoire specially for the occasion (and may I just say, this is what real bands do), delighting the guests with typical Lebanese wedding dances mixed with popular Ukrainian ones, and not omitting Italian traditions for the occasion with tunes like ‘O Sole Mio’ and dances like the Tarantella.

The 1 * Michelin starred dinner

This was followed by the  seated dinner in the grand salon in an ethereal setting: floral decorations of white roses alternating with pink ones, in accordance with the bride’s elegant taste and also reflected in her hairstyle, enhanced by  a silk creation by Cristina & Signorina.

destination weddin in piedmont vineyards: dolce vita

The Master of Ceremonies, the bride’s best friend, sitting between the newly-weds, entertained the guests with the readings and toasts that foreigners love so much, and got the beautiful bridesmaids involved during the dinner, which made the event even more emotional. 

The fairytale became even more magical with the cutting of the cake in a typical Italian garden in the Langhe hills, lit up by many small LEDs scattered around the venue and a breath-taking blaze of firework fountains to complete a very elegant, scenic setting.

destination wedding in piedmont vineyards: good food

Lebanese cedar and hand-made ice cream

Among Piedmont vineyards, at the end of a day dedicated to the true Italian “La Dolce Vita,” there was, fittingly, an ice cream cart at the evening party.

Last but not least, throughout the day the guests were immersed in a sensory experience, the atmosphere laden with the exotic Middle Eastern scents so dear to the newlyweds, creating an extra sense of emotional involvement that made the wedding day unforgettable.

To make them feel at home I diffused the scent of Lebanese cedar using essential oils and candles. The cedar tree in the Lebanese flag symbolises immortality and steadfastness and is considered a symbol of eternal love in La Morra, in the Langhe wine region!

wedding in piedmont vineyards: a destination wedding

La Morra. The hamlet of Annunziata (Langhe) photo by Jetmir Bushati

  • Venue: Il Boscareto Resort & Spa, Langhe and Barolo wine region
  • Catering: Ristorante La Rei di Fabrizio Tesse – 1* Michelin star
  • Wines:  Batasiolo Winery
  • Welcome Dinner: La Torricella Agriturismo, Diego Pressenda Winery
  • Palette: blush pink and white
  • Fil rougewine and the Italian “Dolce Vita”
  • Bridal Headpiece: Cristina & Signorina
  • Flowers: white and pink Roses
  • Bouquet: White Roses, Eucalyptus and Lavender

Sensory and emotional experience:
a land of dewy vineyards and petrichor – an iridescent mosaic pool with a view of the vineyards – essential oil of Lebanese cedar – Barolo DOCG – Mabrouk

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