Wedding Diary Reportage, a Wedding Writer for your love story

A wedding diary reportage is much more than an account. It’s the telling of your love story.

The recipe is simple: the creativity and passion of a wedding writer, a professional writer who will capture the most intense emotions from your wedding day, both yours and those of your guests!

She will do this by circulating around the tables, sitting with your friends and family members, just as a caricature artist, for example, would do, to capture anecdotes and incidents and immortalise them in an emotional story.

A wedding diary is the perfect way to record your special day and the course of your life together that has brought you to this point of saying “Yes” to each other.  All those moments that make your heart leap just to think of them will be captured in writing to create a truly precious book.


Wedding Diary Reportage, to relive your special day

It will be a book you can peruse forever to relive the most important moments of that day. A story to read whenever you wish to reexperience the same magic and emotions.

The professionalism and creativity of a wedding writer is truly a gift you should treat yourself and others to. She will know how to immortalise your love story, which is unique, just as you are, with her words.  The little details, the expressions, the stories from friends and family. The tension, the unforeseen and the explosions of happiness.  Everything that you experience together with your guests will last forever on the pages of a book.  Throughout the whole day your guests, your oldest friends, your dearest family members will talk to the wedding writer about you, so that the emotions, the memories, the anecdotes and the unforgettable moments of your love story will also be told through their eyes. Alongside the traditional wedding photography and classical souvenirs, a true love story in which you and your loved ones are the main characters will come to life.

The words, the emotions, the charm of poetry: a Wedding Diary Reportage is all of this.


wedding diary reportage


This is for anyone who still feels nostalgia for love letters, this way – which nowadays is somewhat vintage – of telling one’s story and that of the world around one.  But also for those who know that words – even the most beautiful ones – are destined to vanish if not captured on paper.  And again, for poetry lovers, who understand that nothing is more poetic than one’s own dream come true.

A wedding diary reportage will put you at the centre of an unforgettable story: the one about you, your dreams, the moments that should never be forgotten.  

And so every time you feel like re-reading your story, you will be able to. Today, tomorrow and always.



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