Matrimonio sensoriale: quando i ricordi diventano indelebili

Sensory Wedding: when the memories become indelible

A sensory wedding combines creativity, science and romance: the perfect formula for creating surprising experiences!

I take inspiration from all of these to create sensory experiences on your wedding day that stimulate all 5 senses and make the wedding day a real springboard for memories.

That’s why a sensory wedding is something unique.

It’s a fact that memories are stored more easily by the brain if the surrounding environment acts as a stimulus for the five senses. Perfumes, colours, tastes and textures become vehicles for sensations.  These perceptions will be destined to stay  with us forever.

This is why involving the senses and channelling perceptions at different moments is so important. Imagine tasting an oyster and immediately savouring all the fragrance of the sea. Then imagine encountering the same taste at a different enjoyable occasion. That wedding by the sea, the emotions of that day, the feel of salt on your skin will rush back to your mind.

This is the indelible power of a sensory wedding.
Close your eyes, smell the scent of lavender as you walk towards the seating chart.  Feel surprised at coming across the identical scent, with its unmistakable notes, emanating from the centrepiece. And then again, from a floral arrangement in the restroom.

matrimonio sensoriale - imprinting olfattivo - sensory wedding

Sensory wedding: involving the senses in a surprising way

Provoking sensory and emotional involvement will be the spur that drives the bride and groom and their guests to create vivid memories. Memories that will warm their hearts even after many years have passed.

I thought about how to bring these sensations alive during that supremely important day of the wedding for these very reasons. Because it is a unique way to activate our senses, to increase our perception of what surrounds us. A sensory wedding helps you experience emotion at many different levels. It enables the couple and all their guests to share the day of the wedding with the same degree of involvement and the same intense emotions.

A sensory marriage is therefore an incredible, unique way of activating mental connections that cannot be replicated. Involving the five senses acquires enormous value. They become the vehicles that enable memories to become settled inside us, to become truly ours.

To remain with us always.

matrimonio sensoriale: coinvolgere i 5 sensi - sensory wedding

Tastes, scents, olfactory and also tactile sensations that are stimulated at a sensory marriage create a bond.

How to stimulate the five senses at a wedding?  

Any experience involves you more when it becomes indelible at a subconscious level because of the repetition of stimuli and the involvement of all the senses.

Even in the years to come, a certain flavour, a particular scent, the rough or smooth texture of a certain material will take us straight back there, to that magical day.

For example, the packaging of the guests’ gift bags can be made from a luxurious material like velvet, found also on the armchairs in the relaxation area.  Or it could be made from ecru canvas, rougher and more rustic, like some details of the table setting. The use of these tactile sensations activates the brain and creates pleasurable memories to be savoured again and truly, truly indelible.

The particular texture of a certain type of paper or the tactile memory of the grain of a certain type of wood can bring back emotional memories.


Matrimonio sensoriale - sensory wedding - memorie

Sensory Wedding: my experience

A sensory wedding is what I thought of doing with my couple Alessandro and Alessandra, who chose a boho style for their wedding. It was September, in a mountain refuge, and one of the sensory stimuli on their special day was the scent of chamomile.  This flower, with its unmistakable fragrance, was the key element in the bride’s bouquet and its essence was sprayed at different points of the outdoor setting at the beginning of the reception, then heated in a brazier at the end of the lunch (so as not  confuse the palates of guests intent on savouring the refuge’s excellent cuisine), in the bride’s wedding bag and even on a letter written by me so that it remained indelibly in their memory.

 What’s going to happen? Because of this, their guests and the married couple themselves will think about that beautiful day of celebration. Yes, every time they encounter along their way the unique fragrance of that little white and yellow flower.

Magical, don’t you think?