matrimoio in rifugio stile boho - alpine boho wedding

An alpine Boho Wedding, sustainable and chic

An alpine boho, or bohemian wedding, is the style that Alessandra and Alessandro chose for their special day.

An alpine boho wedding
for two expats returning to Italy

As soon as I met them, I immediately sensed their willingness to be given advice on their choices, even though they had quite clear ideas about the type of setting they would like. Alessandro and Alessandra are two expats who live away from Italy for work reasons. However, they chose to return and celebrate their boho wedding here, in the warmth of their native land and the embrace of their family and close friends.

For this reason, together we chose elements and details that would really make them feel at home and represent them best, starting with the choice of venue.

matrimonio in rifugio

The perfect venue for a boho wedding
in the Italian Alps

The Rifugio del Colle del Lys is a gorgeous wooden chalet that, like in a fairy tale from the past, welcomes its guests with the warmth of its genuine mountain hospitality and a spectacular view of the natural landscape of the surrounding valley.

Matrimonio in rifugio in monatgna

Matrimonio in rifugio Boho tra le montagne

I chose a few key words for the bride and groom that would preserve their personal fil rouge throughout the wedding. Yes, nature, sustainability and a sensory experience, provided by the essence of chamomile, a flower chosen by the bride for some of the floral arrangements, which created an atmosphere imbued with sweetness and tranquillity, just like my dear bride and groom, Alessandra and Alessandro.

Knowing the region and its products very well, I conceived and designed a menu consisting of dishes prepared exclusively with locally-sourced produce. So I brought the newlyweds and their guests the culinary heritage and all the flavours and aromas of the Susa Valley. Authentic produce purchased directly from small local producers with a short production chain. The sustainability and the eco-friendly principles of the couple and the decorations was complemented by the choice not to use menus (so as not to waste paper and cardboard). Beautiful wild flowers from the valley were chosen for the bouquet and the floral arrangements.

The power of a boho wedding: the details

A boho wedding has a rather simple style whose power lies in the details, just like Alessandra and Alessandro. I decided to focus on the wood which I embellished with three recurring contrasting colours: yellow, orange and blue. The mise en place of the refuge was completely revamped, with decorations of olive, jute and ears of wheat, to augur prosperity.

Matrimonio in rifugio: Natura e Ricercatezza in stile boho

Candles and lanterns were placed both on the tables and outside. I focused on a particularly elegant greenery style of foliage with a rustic character. The floral decorations played a very important role in the whole setting. Twigs, arrangements of leaves and flowers were the same as those used in the details of the bride’s headdress, which was embellished with a handmade ceramic and porcelain garland. The fleece and wool blankets were much appreciated by the guests: they were able to shelter from the cold of the mountains and enjoy the breath-taking view from the refuge’s viewpoint until the very last minute of the reception.

The bride and groom had particular requests for the music: a selection of ambient and jazz songs that made the atmosphere intimate and cheerful, without the noise of a live band. This was really a perfect choice to convey the character of a subtle, restrained but lively ceremony.

A perfect intimate wedding set among our valleys

An alpine boho wedding and sensory experiences

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“So what is a sensory experience?” you may be wondering. I will leave you curious but with this promise: I will tell you all about it soon!

  • Venue: Rifugio Colle del Lys – Valle di Susa
  • Food: local specialities and farm-to-table products
  • Palette: yellow, orange, blue
  • Fil rouge: boho style, nature, sustainability
  • Bouquet: sunfowers and wild flowers
  • Flowers: sunflowers, olive branches, Ruscus, ears of wheat, chamomile, Delphinium
  • Music: ambient-jazz

Sensory and emotional experience:
chamomile – rustic wood – alpine cheese – jute and greenery foliage – the wind in your hair


Alpine boho wedding – expat destination wedding

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