Ricerca del tartufo bianco d'Alba nelle Langhe

Hunting for Alba white truffles in the Langhe area

The region I come from, Piedmont, is world-famous for two gastronomic specialities: its wine and the Alba white truffle.

The Langhe area, in particular, has been devoted to truffle hunting for centuries: it’s where the “Trifulau” and his faithful “Tabui” (dialect words for the truffle hunter and his dog, specially trained and from a specific breed known as the Lagotto), go searching in the woods and hills for the precious underground mushrooms.

Why not treat your guests to this experience, giving them a taste of authentic local tradition? We could organise a truffle hunting tour in the areas of Alba, Treiso and Barbaresco, with a certified hunter as your guide.
And that could be combined with a typically Piedmontese “sinoira“ (afternoon) snack or a wine tasting session in the Langhe area.

We’ll look together into the most suitable option for you and your guests: they’re going to be thrilled!