Italian Confettata

Among the most iconic symbols of marriage are without doubt the confetti, especially linked to the Italian tradition (for our non-Italian couples: be careful not to confuse our Italian confetti – which are sweets – with the paper confetti that is thrown over the couple after the ceremony – in Italy we call this “coriandoli”!). Who is not familiar with the confetti di Sulmona, which has been spearheading the confectionery industry here since the Middle Ages??

Synonymous with happiness and prosperity, for some years now the usual bag of sugared almonds together with a wedding favours box, the Italian bomboniere, has been complemented by the newer tradition of the ”confettata”, a table set up inside the venue with a wide selection of sugar-coated almonds of various flavours, to sample during the reception or to take home. The confettata table will be designed by me and coordinated with the style of the wedding, in harmony with its themes, colours and design, the entire fil rouge.