The Fil Rouge is a legend that speaks of “the thread of life” – one that connects the life of one person to another, triggering a spark, which in turn coordinates everything to perfection. Fil Rouge is not just a story from Japanese anthology (which you can find here), but a philosophy: mine. Fil Rouge builds the way, paves the path, and is the linking thread of a project that leads to the creation of something unique and special.


It is my approach to organizing parties and above all weddings – with an attitude that operates with consistency and effectiveness, whilst following the rhythm of the project and its magical charm.

It is a thread that links every little detail, and in turn – making the day perfect. You will find it, and it will be “the right one” – the one that will make all your ideas possible.


The Fil Rouge is the theme of your wedding (or your special occasion). It is the guideline that characterizes the decor, the colors, the guests, and the flowers. Sometimes the Fil Rouge starts from the location or from the music. It is crucial to determine the style and then let all the choices for the various details “pour down.”

It is the “ground level” from which you begin to build the whole project.


The Fil Rouge will be perceived by all the guests who will understand the taste of the couple, their way of being, and how they reflect their love and union.


Il fil rouge: una filosofia